Deluxe Reading/Topper

Johnny Service Body Shop



At-a-glance information:

Item  Johnny Service Body Shop
Manufacturer Topper Corporation
Location Elizabeth, NJ
Manufactured Est. 1966


For Topper Toys, also known as Deluxe Reading or Deluxe Topper, the whole world was Johnny. I cannot tell you what that means, but whether we are talking about Johnny Astro, Johnny Express, Johnny Lighning, Johnny Seven, Johnny Speed, or in this case Johnny Service, you could be sure they were all from the same family of very interesting, and sometimes oddball, toys!

Profiled here is the Johnny Service line, which was composed of 4 different sets. The premise of these toys was to be able to fix bodies and/or engines, clean and repair cars. Buy purchasing all, the budding service entrepreneur would own a strip mall worth of repair facilities!

This particular set is the Body Shop. In includes a tow truck, wrecked car to repair, the repair facility itself, plus tools and parts. Very cleverly designed.



Here is the complete view of the set. The garage is a plastic framed affair that you assemble, with cardboard inserts for walls. There is no real ceiling, so you can manipulate things inside. In the garage is the wrecked car, outside is the tow truck.
Here is the front of the building.

The inside of the office area can be populated with the supplied desk, and believe it or not, trash can!!!
Here is the bashed in car ready for repairs. Deluxe Reading always created very stylistic cars. Look at the Johnny Speed Car, the Crusader 101 car (also with tools) as well as the Johnny Lightning cars (naturally) to get a sense of this.



Here are the new parts that snap into the chassis and make the car perfect again!

Tools included: A slip in/push up jack, and a tire iron!

A simple lever action with the back props the car up.
  The tire iron is used to remove the plated hub cap....

The wheels are held on by screws that are also removed with the handy tire iron..

The removed flat tire!

Tow truck detail.

Crank is attached to string, attached to....

...this hook, which can be placed under either end of the car.

Typical black and white instruction sheet done on not exactly the greatest quality of paper. All Topper and Deluxe Reading items had instructions like this.

Other interesting notes:

Other Johnny Service Sets:

 Mechanics Garage

With Motorized Car--Drive in for repairs, take apart engine, must be put back together or it won't start. Car will speed away when fixed correctly.

 Working Gas Station

With Motorized Car--Car runs out of gas and stops, when tank is refilled, car starts up



 Car Wash and Car

Car is soaped up, scrubbed down, rinsed and air dried!!!




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